HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite Review

Advanced technology allows us to have more convenient. It gives us more opportunities to explore things, even in the area of home remodeling, redesigning and landscaping.

Many have the misconception that one has to be a professional to come up with great house plans that conforms to architectural rules and interior law of mix and match. But with the right software, you can turn any rugged home into a dream house, or a worn down landscape. One such software program is the HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite.

Complex yet complete

Those who have not encountered CAD (computer-aided design) may have a hard time using the program, but then investing time to learn this technology will be useful if you are planning to remodel your home. Unlike the other versions of CAD, this one is a simplified one.

This software has a 698-page manual, and if you are having a hard time online tutorials might do you some good. You will at least need 2-3 hours before you can get a good grasp of the program.

Mixed reviews are written regarding this software. Some claim that the mappings are vague and that it takes too long to adapt to the program. While some say that the software is just a waste of money, others claim that the programs installed are good for those who are learning to use computer-assisted designs (CAD) programs.

For those who have done it before, the program comes relatively easy and complete. It is also programmed for those who are already familiar with the way Ipod applications work. Basically, you will have to put some amount of time before you can get a good feel of the software.

Features and program requirements

You may visualize a brand new kitchen as it shows you how to set it up with cost-efficient appliances. You may also create your own digital images with easy editing options.

Its interface is wizard driven which makes it easy to learn. The software has both video and online tutorials that can teach you how to use the program with much ease. It also comes with a printed manual that basically tells you how to operate the software.

This program is capable of 3D rendering that makes images that you create more realistic. You can also have a virtual walk-through of your plan with all fixtures, appliances and furniture’s that you drag and drop from its database.

The software will work with Windows Vista and XP operating systems. Software costs around $50. You may buy online or directly from HGTV store.

Solid yet Disappointing

Many of those who have tried the program claim that while it has complete options, the program is very hard to use. Most customers are complaining that the software only leads to frustration and disappointment due to its complicated set up.

Many others have found out from personal experience that it was very limited. Like other home design program, HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite does not have adequate support to verify conformity with national land and local building codes.

Using CAD Design Software For Home Design

CAD design software has made things like drafting boards a relic of the past, maybe kept around the office for the odd job, or maybe just for old times sake. It is almost impossible to imagine designing a modern home without using CAD.

Of course, some old school builders still use some very basic sketches and operate more or less by the seat of their pants. This is great if your house is simple and you have 30 years of experience and the house is built for speculation.

There are also many excellent house plans available to be used as is. If you can find a house plan that suits your needs and doesn’t require extensive modification, this is a great way to go.

For the homeowner, or someone looking into extensive remodeling, using a stand alone CAD home design software program is a great idea. You can buy a very usable program for under $100, complete with many features normally found only in high end architectural packages.

You can save yourself a great deal of cash by learning how to do it yourself. A DIY project such as remodeling can become quite involved very quickly, and something like the Home Designer Suite 10 will make life much easier. There are many products available for under $100, which is remarkable, considering how complete they are.

Features to look for when buying CAD design software

Ease of use is critical. If it takes weeks to learn how to do simple tasks, nobody is really going to endure the learning curve.
Cost is important considering that most homeowners are constantly looking to save a few dollars. After all, why would somebody spend a lot to save a little?
Graphics must be useful and appealing. You cannot normally expect to get high end graphics like an expensive package offers, but you can certainly get close.
Cost estimate capabilities are really important. Considering how easy it is to overextend yourself when remodeling or building, it is good to have some control over expenses.
Libraries of suggested designs, cabinetry, windows, doors, etc. are truly essential. With a few mouse clicks you can change the styles, sizes, locations and more. With true integration of these features you can modify your design and every aspect is automatically changed.I remember using graph paper and little to-scale cutouts of furniture to do a major remodeling project. In fact, we did this several times, over the years. It works, and gives you a good idea of how things might work out, but compared to a good CAD design, it is so primitive! Now, you can get exact sizes, take a virtual walk-through to visualize the design, get an estimate, bill of materials, send the plan to a builder, look at the inventories of various suppliers, and more.

The amazing thing is that, once you get used to the interface, it takes less time and effort than the manual way of the past.

The New Online Home Design Software For Busy Home Owners

Design Your Home Online

If you are passionate to design your home online, and that online product software can make your life easier. Despite the very simple to use technology that offers the possibilities to set your property. Now you can create your own desired design with your own material from the texture detail to include the setting of the scene or set a different view. Even more advance to design your home online now is with the setting that is available for you to view your designed home in 3d graphic.

It Is Build For Beginner And Professional

The program simplicities and intuitiveness has surprise every user with interface display only the basic icons with camera view setting, lighting, furniture material and accessories with library object to prepare the model and visualization that can be used to preview in 3d graphic. It is surprisingly accurate on stimulating the final state and this is the best home interior design software to utilize, whether you are beginner or even a professional to design your home online.

Exceptional Design Quality

In general the overall quality is exceptional with 1000′s of high quality furniture, appliances and home improvement models you can choose for your project and view it in any angle. Did I mention that you even can change the size, color, wood, fabric and surfaces texture? Need to design just one room or the entire house, the wizards can help you create it within minutes then add in doors, windows, walls, furniture, cabinets and you can replace it and change it until you are happy with your design.

The Training To Master This Home Interior Design Software

If you already spend years on learning about AutoCAD, Revit or maybe you are a chief architect then this home interior design software may not be suitable for you. However if you are a busy professional with neither the time to learn the complex CAD software then this simplicities home interior design software is for you to design your home online. Design the realistic layout for yourself or even your clients fast or include photo realistic image in your presentations. With this home interior design software you can now blow away your audience or family with the quality of your design.